Much like any other profound innovation, Joe Grasso Elite Training began with one tenacious individual and a simple idea. At a young age, Joe Grasso commenced his extensive journey of weight and fitness training, that would revolutionize the way both fitness moguls and everyday folks regard training.

By trade marking what he referred to as "Explosive Power Training," Joe Grasso developed a weight training technique that refined muscle and shed body fat in an astronomically faster timeframe than most weight training plans.

As a result of his innovation, it was only natural that Joe's technique initiated the first appointment only, private personal fitness training facility in the United States. While the concept of private training pervades fitness centers across the country today, this idea can be credited to Joe Grasso, who developed a 1,500 square foot training facility on the entire top floor of his home in 1989. At this time, Joe's business was referred to as "Power Bodies," since his training yielded miraculous fat loss and increased strength.

By 1994, Joe focused his energy on acquiring the chops that he would need to leverage his self-proclaimed technique to the masses. Joe became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. It wasn't long before executives and their family members sought the expertise of Joe and his groundbreaking technique.

Joe employed his weight training technique on the corporate executives, athletes, and children that became his regular clientele. The results were evident, fast, and, more importantly, long term.

As the demand, and notoriety, for Joe's technique had wildly grown, he received critical acclaim from "OnFitness Magazine" in 2004. Rated as the #1 Personal Training ONLY Facility in the United States, Joe's "Explosive Power Training" had become a national phenomenon.

As a side project in 2007, Joe aided in the creation of, making national headlines on Fox National News Live. This new program offered an educational solution to thwart the real-life bullying outbreak that rampantly pervades our schools and college campuses

Joe Grasso Elite Training finally took its place in San Jose, California by 2009, where Joe Grasso continues to thrive on the "Explosive Power Training" that he developed as a child. Training individuals varying from housewives, to professional athletes, and corporate executives, Joe Grasso has proven that his techniques can be customized and applied to anyone who simply wishes to make a change in themselves for the better.

Joe continues his elite training today with many World Ranked Professional Mixed Martial Artists, who are referred to him by legendary trainer of champions, Javier Mendez (owner of the world-renowned American Kick Boxing Academy). One of Joe's most notable clients is the likes of UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez, who credits Joe with the ability to fight larger opponents.

However, the training that Joe provides certainly does not discriminate! Proving effective for both BEGINNERS and PROFESSIONALS, Joe's technique will not only change your body, but it will also change your life!


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At Joe Grasso Elite Training, we regard fitness as a lifestyle, customizing each client's workout regiment toward a results-driven goal. Training under the tutelage of Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Joe Grasso, you will quickly experience your desire for FAT LOSS, DEFINED MUSCLE, and INCREASED ENERGY & PERFORMANCE.

Joe Grasso Elite Training Is A Member of the Better Business Bureau