Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications?

I first started weight training at age 8 usually training three to five hours a day but sometimes up to 10 hours a day. This went on 7 days a week up to the age of about 45 years old or so where I then experienced a chiropractic neck manipulation that left me partially paralyzed . Even while partially paralyzed, I can still out lift many of the professional athletes I train today, yet my strength is nowhere near what it was prior to my paralysis.

Because I did start training so young and for so long, I developed advanced information on training techniques that even the PhD's in the field did not know. I have shared that knowledge with the academics and it has led to studies on my training techniques and confirmation of the quicker results gained rather than traditional weight lifting.

I have never used steroids or performance enhancing drugs, yet my size and strength advanced well beyond that of many of the steroid users.

In 1989 I was the first one in the USA to start a private personal training facility that was a complete gym but NOT open to the public and was 100% appointment only. Clients flew in from around the United States to train with me.

Personal training certifications were new and I initially became certified in 1993 with a company called the International Sport Science Association, which was one of the first companies to do certifications. Then in 1994 I became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. At that time, this was the ONLY personal training association that was nationally accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). That year I also became certified as a personal fitness trainer by the American Council on Exercise, and as of 2003 that agency also because nationally accredited by the NCCA. Since then, I have kept up my certification with the NSCA and the ACE organizations.

Since 1989 I have supervised and trained well over 50,000 men, women, and children. My clients have included Doctors, Chiropractors, Surgeons, Olympic Athletes, World Champions, and Sports Celebrities that have recommended me and have done UNPAID ads for me in television, radio, and the print media.

My training has been featured on the local news, and as awareness grew of my "results oriented" training people came from all over the United States to train here.

It would be hard to find another trainer in the USA more experienced. My assistant trainers are all experienced trainers as well, and they too are certified by one of the 4 top nationally certified and accredited training organizations. They are also experienced athletes with great personalities as well, and I put them through a rigorous training program so they are able to teach my techniques. I constantly update my trainer's skill level and review their form and techniques to keep their skill level peaked for their performance here. It is a constant learning situation for them here.

During the height of the economy my facility trained a record 194 people by appointment per day. We averaged over 150 clients by appointment per day for approximately 7 years and I had 17 trainers working for me during that time. With the economy struggling, we now average training 35 to 65 people per day but new clients usually get an appointment either exactly when they want or within 30 minutes of their prescheduled requested time.

Where are you located?

We are located in the United Granite & Marble Building located at 2163 Martin, Santa Clara, 95050. We are approximately 300 yards west of Scott Blvd. Our entrance is right next to the big JOE GRASSO ELITE TRAINING sign on the building. There is parking right in front of our door or on the curb. We also have two reserved parking spaces marked at the front of the UMG Building. This is our only location.

Directions can be found here.

What are your hours?

My facility works a split shift, opening for business Monday through Friday at 5:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

We start back in the afternoon opening up at 4:00 PM and close around 8:00 PM or 9:00 PM, whenever we are finished with the last person.

We are also open Saturday Mornings, usually opening up at 7:00 AM or 7:30 AM, and finishing usually between 10:30 AM or even as long as noon, whenever we are finished with the last client.

We also do pre-arrange special appointments for special circumstances outside of the above mentioned times.

How complete is your personal training facility?

My training facility is slightly over 6,000 square feet and has 6 large sky lights to let natural lighting in. It is packed with the best equipment and free weight on the market today. The average personal training facility is around 1,000 square feet and has a 2 or 3 of pieces of gym equipment, a couple of exercise balls, and a few dumbbells. My training facility has over 54 top commercial training machines from the manufacturers of Technogym, Life Fitness, Cybex, Flex, Magnum, Hammer Strength, Tuff Stuff, Nebula, Paramount, and my own personal brand.

I have well over a ton of free weights which are mainly Iron Grip Rubberized Plates, although we do have some Ivanko machined Olympic Plates. Our bars are mainly top of the Line Ivanko Olympic Bars but we do have several Texas Power Bars as well. I have a wide variety of the numerous cable grip attachments that are on the market today. We use these for the cable machines that are here.

I have 5 Life Fitness Elliptical Machines with attached arm movement resistance and 4 Precor Elliptical Machines without arm movement resistance. I also have 1 Life Fitness Recumbent Bike, 1 Spirit Recumbent Bike, and 2 Life Fitness Bikes as well.

There is a full line of Kettlebells ranging in weight from 9 pounds and going all the way up to 203 pounds. I also have a full line of exercise balls, slam balls, bosu balls, exercise bands and tubes, lifting chains, dumbbells, TRX Set-ups, and a variety of heavy and light duty punching bags in a variety of shapes for various strikes.

All my cardio equipment is placed in front of hanging 32" LCD Televisions that are hooked up to Direct TV. Each client gets his or her own TV during cardio training and may choose from over 300 channels including 100 XM Radio Stations and FM Radio as well. Each machine has its own floor fan should you need additional cooling.

I do have men's and woman's locker rooms and showers are available. Each shower has body wash, conditioner, and shampoo. Both locker rooms have hair dryers as well and some personal care products. We do not have a towel service here so you would have to bring your own towel.

My facility is way better organized and maintained and MUCH CLEANER than the average gym!

Is this strength training mainly for men?

No, the percentage of male to female clients is roughly 50% male, 50% female, and we are known for getting people incredible results. This even applies to the children training here.

Isn't going for a walk or swimming good enough for my fitness?

No. Walking and swimming are truly great exercises. The problem is they do not help build muscle like weight lifting type resistance exercise. Also those activities do not promote bone density like weight training. Weight training has been shown to be a preventative measure for osteoporosis and retards the muscle loss we experience every year past age 40!

Do I have to come every day?

No, I recommend coming 3 days per week. There are some clients that do come every day, some come twice a day, and some come 4 days a week. Those people have requested special programs for special needs or accelerated results, but that is not necessary. Usually the professional athletes that train here do come at least 5 days per week though.

Can I come just once a week?

I tell my clients it is a waste of your money to come once a week because your body will not increase in muscle, even if you are training other days on your own. The techniques here are specifically designed to activate your type two muscle fiber to get you fast results. If you are going to come once a week, I would advise you to save your money and do a different program simply because I cannot show you incredible results my other clients are getting with you only coming once a week here.

How long does it take to see results?

I show my clients results in as little as 10 visits. On your first visit here, I measure your Blood Pressure and Pulse, Height and Weight, and I take girth measurements with a tape measure. I have you verify the measurements for accuracy. We measure again in 10 visits and people are amazed at their progress. My training has been recommended by the Doctors, Chiropractors, and Surgeons that have been clients here. They even recommend us to their patients. It is not uncommon for women or men needing to lose body fat to take off between 2" to 5" from their waist in their first 10 visits. The record here is 7 & 3/8 inches off the lower abs in 10 visits and that person's measure sheet is on display in our front lobby with that client's personal approval. 95% of my business is return clientele, which is the best form of referral for my business.

Is weight training safe for children? I hear it "stunts" children's growth.

This is a myth or wives' tale that was disproved around the 1980's. In fact, now Dr. Avery Faigenbaum, a leading expert on children's strength training and the author of many books and research papers on the subject states the ideal age for a child to start a weight training program is as young as around age 7. He says not only is it safe for a child, but it may be essential for the child to develop strength to avoid injury, and it increases the child's health. Many other medical doctors are now more educated and stating the same thing. I started weight lifting at age 8, for approximately 2 to 3 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that went on for several decades. At Joe Grasso Elite Training, we start children as young as 8 years old for personal strength training. There are some Do's and Don'ts when training children that young, and I have more experience in this field than probably any other trainer in the USA on this subject.

As a woman I don't want to bulk up, so this isn't for women, right?

Weight lifting will not making a woman's body look bulky or thick, unless they are improperly lifting and eating. Many of the women you see on TV that are "Buffed" and look like a man are on testosterone (a male hormone) and are also taking growth hormone. One female body builder tested had 50 Times the Level of Testosterone as a Man!!! YIKES! This is not normal and that is why some of these women look HUGE! Normal training will not get a woman to look like that, in fact weight lifting will make a woman look defined, toned, and lean. I have many female clients that are in their 30s and 40s that look magnificent, similar to a model, yet they possess approximately twice the strength as the average adult male in the United States.

Light weights for toning, heavy weights for bulking, right?

This is one of the biggest myths in training and has been heard for many, many years. It is all baloney, AND, believe it or not, other uninformed and uneducated TRAINERS are telling their clients that this is true. We are way advanced beyond this advice and rest assured this myth is certainly not true. If you have been told this by a different trainer, rest assured he does not know what he is talking about. Usually I hear this from people that think they know how to train, but really do not.

Why is weight training better for fat loss than doing cardio?

When a person does cardio training, they up their basal metabolic rate, the rate the body burns calories, while they are doing cardio, and that rate stays up for approximately one hour after they finish cardio, and then it goes back to normal. When a person weight trains, as long as they are doing it under the correct intensity and using the right techniques, controlled damage occurs to the muscle fibers which forces the body to repair those fibers. This means that the body's metabolic rate is increased during the reparation process, for every second of the day, whether you are working, sitting watching TV, or sleeping. In some cases soreness is felt for a few days, so metabolic changes continue for 3, 4, and sometimes in the beginning of training every second of the day for even up to 5 days. This is why people at Joe Grasso Elite Training have incredible before and after measurements. Some clients have taken off over 7" from their waist in as little as 10 visits, all without losing one pound of weight. At my training facility, we combine the cardio work with the strength training, which has a synergistic result on the body.

How can a person lose 7 inches from their belly without losing a pound?

Muscle has twice the density of fat, meaning that fat occupies TWICE the space that the same poundage of muscle does. By putting on muscle, men and women can look toned and fit but still have a "compact" appearance. It is high fat content that causes our health risks, especially fat in the abdomen. The more muscle a person has, the more calories at rest that person will burn, every second of that person's life, whether awake or asleep. This helps to continue to burn excess fat, which is why a muscular person may actually eat way more calories than a much bigger out of shape person but still look in shape and toned.

Do I always get the same trainer?

One of the advantages here is all the trainers work directly for me and are all trained and excel in my techniques. All clients start their training initially with me. I explain my techniques to my clients within the first few days of training after measuring their body fat, testing their strength, and taking their girth measurements. I create the client's file and based on the client's goals I create their training program. From there, the client will alternate with my various trainers, including myself. You will find clients do prefer to rotate between trainers as all trainers are incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and actually truly fun to train with. The variety of trainers insures the trainer does not get so "familiar" with the client where talking takes place instead of the true work for the client's goals. Clients say this is the most surprising thing about coming here. They initially thought they would like just one trainer, but find all the trainer's are incredible and look forward to working with everyone. By the way, if a trainer is NOT an excellent trainer with an excellent personality, they do NOT work for me.

Can you guarantee me my results?

I can only guarantee you that I will increase your strength totals and that my techniques will put muscle on you. With an increase in muscle fiber comes an increase in your metabolic rate which means your body will burn more calories. This is how a person loses body fat and ultimately weight. Unfortunately I cannot control whether you are eating donuts, cookies, cakes, candy, and fried foods. If you do that and train here, my training will only make you stronger however you will not lose fat.

Do you go over nutrition?

I have produced a nutritional pamphlet I give my clients when they sign up here. My pamphlet has generalized information regarding nutrition and training. Only a registered dietician can legally prescribe food in California and I am NOT a registered dietician. I can give generalized information to clients though. I have had 6 Registered Dieticians as clients here, and 5 out of the 6 asked me for permission to copy my pamphlet to give to their clients.

I found a trainer slightly cheaper? Why do you cost more?

All training is NOT the same. This is ADVANCED TRAINING HERE! Although my prices are very competitive with other "low level basic trainers", there are trainers with one quarter of my experience that are charging clients over $200 to $300 dollars per hour and more. I don't do that here. I found and incredible way to save my clients money AND get them unbelievable results for an unbelievable incredible price.

Check my client reviews and you will see clients stating they got more results in 10 visits of training here than they did training at their "old gym" with their "old trainer" for over a year. This is not a joke or a sales line. It is true. Click on the "testimonials link" on my website and see the many reviews.

I have close to 50 years of training experience and this is state of the art training. A well known PhD physiologist and author of the top used collegiate exercise physiology book watched me train some of the San Jose Sharks Professional Hockey Team Members here and he stated this was the most advanced training he had ever seen in his life. He had prior experience as a professional sports trainer for both baseball and football players.

This is NOT the same training you get at any other gym. I work mainly with your TYPE 2B muscle fiber done a certain way to increase your metabolism to burn fat, while increasing muscle definition and incredibly increasing strength. I GET YOU STRONGER, TRIMMER, AND MORE MUSCULAR THAN ANY OTHER TRAINER AT A MUCH QUICKER RATE!!! So if I take 20 visits to do what another "cheaper" trainer does in 150 visits, who really ends up being the less expensive alternative?

You cannot compare what other trainers do to what I do at my training facility.

Also, when you sign up for training at my facility, you only pay for the personal training. There is also NO OTHER fee associated, such as a membership fee or a gym fee.

I noticed you have discounts on your pricing. How do I get a discount?

I have "built-in" discounts on my price list. The bigger package you do with us, the more each visit is discounted. By signing up for a larger package, ultimately a person can save thousands of dollars over a smaller package rate, but the entire amount of the package is paid up front.

We do accept MasterCard and Visa as well.

We have other ways to "earn" a discount as well. On a person's 4th set of the same package with us without a 60 day break in service, we give that person a 5% discount. On the person's 9th set of the same package with us without a 60 day break in service, we give that person a 10% discount. Our longest running clients have been with us 15+ years and do enjoy a large discount on their package.

To automatically start off with a huge discount, a person only has to do a "big" package (56 visits or more), which he or she can also share with others as well.

We also give a 10% discount to anyone under the age of 20 years old.

We also give a 15% Discount for ACTIVE first responders including POLICE, FIRE, and MILITARY. The key is they must be ACTIVE (not retired) and they must be sworn. A civilian worker at the police department would not get a discount.


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At Joe Grasso Elite Training, we regard fitness as a lifestyle, customizing each client's workout regiment toward a results-driven goal. Training under the tutelage of Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Joe Grasso, you will quickly experience your desire for FAT LOSS, DEFINED MUSCLE, and INCREASED ENERGY & PERFORMANCE.

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