Joe's BIO

At the tender age of 8, Joe Grasso began his influential immersion into the world of fitness. Lifting up to 10 hours a day, it became apparent that Joe would excel physically in many aspects of life, not to mention positively impact the lives of others.

By his senior year in high school, Joe weighed in at a lean, well built 220 pounds. He possessed the admirable ability to bench the 220-pound stack 54 times, do one- armed incline bicep curls with 150 pound dumbbells, complete the mile run in 5:15, and easily run 20 miles at a 7-minute mile pace.

After high school, Joe continued heavy training, NEVER resorting to performance enhancer's such as steroids or growth hormones.

Joe even found a way to translate his talent through a career-oriented setting. He began a program of self defense which included karate, full contact martial arts, and jiu jitsu. Later, he became a police officer and specialized as a beat officer, a training officer, and a violent crime team (gang unit) detective. Joe obtained real life combat experience in the street, as he successfully handled and diffused numerous violent encounters.

In 1989, Joe emerged as the first person in United States to initiate a private, professional training facility, which leveraged into high end personal training. Joe's techniques, which he pioneered as a child, brought incredible results to clients. One of his clients shed 5-7 inches off of his waist in a mere 10 visits, while another acquired 8 pounds of lean muscle in only 3 weeks. Skeptics decried that these results were impossible to obtain, however several clients endorsed the reality of Joe's techniques and word quickly spread.

Consequently, corporate executives from around the world flew in to get trained by Joe. After achieving certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and becoming an American Council On Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, Joe hired trainers to work under his tutelage.

Once professional athletes began demanding Joe's training services in 1997, he obtained his current 6,000 sq. ft. location in San Jose, CA.

Joe's success did, however, meet a brief hiatus in 2001. After suffering a faulty chiropractic manipulation of the neck, Joe was left severely paralyzed without the use of his right arm. Miraculously, spinal surgery and therapeutic strength training afforded Joe the use of his right arm again, far beyond what experienced surgeons projected for him.

By 2004, OnFitness Magazine, a premier international fitness training magazine, rated Joe's Training Facility the #1 Personal Training Facility in the USA. Since his initial opening, Joe has personally supervised and/or trained over 350,000 individual hour workout sessions.

Today, Joe Grasso Elite Training continues its longstanding history as a first-rate training facility for an eclectic range of clientele. A normal session at Joe Grasso Elite Training might very well include the neighborhood housewife and, simultaneously, the likes of a competitive UFC Champion. Silicon Valley Professionals, their spouses and children, stars from the bay area, world champion fighters, Olympic Athletes, college and high school stars, as well as people with medical needs are amoung the successful group of clients that makes Joe Grasso Elite Training a regular part of their life.


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At Joe Grasso Elite Training, we regard fitness as a lifestyle, customizing each client's workout regiment toward a results-driven goal. Training under the tutelage of Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Joe Grasso, you will quickly experience your desire for FAT LOSS, DEFINED MUSCLE, and INCREASED ENERGY & PERFORMANCE.

Joe Grasso Elite Training Is A Member of the Better Business Bureau