Motorcycle Strength & Endurance Training

You may not know this, but in 1989 Joe Grasso was the first person in the United States to start personal fitness training only in an exclusive private personal fitness training facility in the United States.

Now in 2018, Joe Grasso breaks ground again with a new and unique strength and endurance training class: Strength Training and Muscular Endurance Development specifically for Motorcycle Riding Skills. To our knowledge, a class like this has never before been offered in the United States.

Whether you are an experienced motorcycle rider, a novice, a man, woman, senior, or teen, there are undeniable dangers to riding a motorcycle on our roads today. In addition to needing basic riding skills, a higher level of strength and fitness could potentially save your life in an emergency situation. Even in everyday situations, additional strength and flexibility can help keep you from dropping your “bike” during simple maneuvers. This includes coming to a stop or even “walking the bike” up your driveway.

As an example, a Harley Davidson 2012 Ultra Classic Electra Glide, in running order (wet) weighs approximately 927 pounds while a 2012 Honda Goldwing weighs 908 pounds!!!! But if you lack strength even a 350-pound cycle can present costly problems for you if your bike hits the pavement.

We have a special program to work those muscles needed to help keep you and your motorcycle safe. Strong back and thigh muscles are needed to lift your bike upright if it starts to lean or if it even goes down. Great forearm strength and endurance are needed to operate the clutch and throttle. Shoulder endurance may be needed to comfortably keep your arms on your bike’s bars, and strong hamstrings are needed when backing your bike up a driveway.

At Joe Grasso Elite Training, we hone the necessary muscle groups that help put you on track for motorcycle safety. The side benefit to our training is an improvement in your overall health. This includes strength increases, fat loss, endurance increases, being more alert, and helping to reduce your stress level which increases your mental focus. Come in and let us put you on the path to Motorcycle Health and Safety!!!


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At Joe Grasso Elite Training, we regard fitness as a lifestyle, customizing each client's workout regiment toward a results-driven goal. Training under the tutelage of Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Joe Grasso, you will quickly experience your desire for FAT LOSS, DEFINED MUSCLE, and INCREASED ENERGY & PERFORMANCE.

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