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Joe Grasso Elite Training offers an array of "Explosive Power Training" programs through dynamic results-driven opportunities. Whether you are World Champion UFC Fighter looking to get in shape for your next bout, or an adult seeking self-defense instruction, Joe Grasso Elite Training can provide the means to fulfill your fitness goals.

Please consider the following programs, customized to your specific needs, in achieving physical accomplishments that will change your life.


With over 48 years of both self-taught and acquired experience in weight and fitness training, Joe Grasso C.S.C.S. has certainly earned his seal of merit. His establishment is regarded as the best private training facility in this country, and is nationally recognized for providing its colorful array of clientele with the most impressive results.

Many individuals might think that simply acquiring any personal trainer will translate into rock hard abs. What these individuals don't know is that NOT ALL PERSONAL TRAINERS ARE CREATED EQUAL

The extraordinary results of Joe's clientele are the result of 100% NATURAL TRAINING!!!! REAL TRAINING equals REAL RESULTS, and that is what you get when you train at Joe Grasso Elite Training.

Joe Grasso C.S.C.S has the certifications that strengthen his innate credibility, but paper documents are not the tools that set the elite trainers apart from the mundane. Joe Grasso has the personal EXPERIENCE from learning, experimenting, and discovering what works and what doesn't. Joe Grasso understands the best way to train the human body, devoid of ANY performance-enchancing drugs, which is why NO OTHER TRAINER CAN COMPARE with Joe's knowledge.

The results of Joe's clientele are the true testament to the knowledge and credibility that Joe Grasso possesses. In less than ONE MONTH, one client lost 7 3/8 inches from her waist. She continued to lose over 25 pounds of body weight and shrink from size 18 to 8. Other clients have double and tripled their strength, taken off pounds of fat, and replaced it with lean, defined muscle.

Joe's clientele have confirmed that they are stronger, leaner, more muscular; however, more importantly, Joe's clients are healthier.

The modifications that will occur to your body will enable both extreme physical/muscular endurance, as well as ease with everyday life.

Joe Grasso's techniques are so clearly life-altering, that everyone from corporate "bigwigs", to Silicon Valley housewives, and professional athletes seek and demand his training. In fact, Joe Grasso has provided his techniques to 6 World Champion fighters, professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighters including UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION CAIN VELASQUEZ, professional boxers, and Olympic Athletes.

Some parents also bring their children here to reinforce healthy weight loss techniques, increase stamina and strength, grant confidence and improve their lives.

It is evident that Joe Grasso's results do not discriminate against anyone! Joe Grasso Elite Training has worked for thousands of satisfied clients and it will work for you too!

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Adult Beginning Self-Defense Training

Acquiring pristine skills for self defense constructively provides a sense of empowerment, distinction, and, most importantly, protection. There are countless karate and martial arts facilities in the bay area; however, it is arguable that karate skills will successfully crush an attack from a seasoned street thug. It's safe to say that most karate instructors have never even been in a street fight, nor possess the ability to realistically identify a gang member.

With over 23 years of law enforcement-related careers, and successful defense from numerous accounts of assault, Joe Grasso might be considered to some as both a learned, and real-life, expert in defense from violent crime. While karate skills are valuable in their own right, it takes a much different mind-set to prepare for real-life threat.

The experience that Joe Grasso has attained through years of training and personal experience has initiated an Adult Self Defense Training Program. This semi-private class is designed to prepare students for violent encounters on the street and keen identification of life-threatening predators. Further, knowledge of territorial and behavioral triggers will be instilled, so you can avoid a threat altogether. This is not just another karate class.....this is much more!


It is in your best interest to be aware that there are NO GUARANTEES with a real-life attack; however, we teach the real-life techniques that that can, and will, EFFECTIVELY SAVE YOUR LIFE!!

Danger Identification, Gang Identification, Weapon Utilization, Striking, Kicking, Kneeing, Elbowing, Blocking, Pressure Points, Exit Strategy, and Strength & Mental Determination - Put the odds back on your side


1 VISIT: $350


10 VISIT PACKAGE: $1,750

15 VISIT PACKAGE: $2,250

20 VISIT PACKAGE: $2,500

Feel free to browse the various skills that Joe Grasso Elite Training offers within Adult Beginning Self-Defense Training. Self Defense Class

Children's Anti-Bullying Program

Did you know that 9 out of 10 children in the United States are bullied, and most parents don't even know?

The purpose of our special children's anti-bullying class is NOT to turn our children into little fighting machines and certainly NOT to turn our good kids into bullies themselves.

is to give our children the TOOLS, KNOWLEDGE, and CONFIDENCE necessary to defend themselves in a time of need when we as parents are not there to care for their safety. Many times these bully encounters happen at our children's school while parents simply are not around to see what is happening.

We also want our children to be able to tell a parent, teacher, or an adult in charge that they are being bullied or harassed by someone without fearing retaliation from the bully. Should an encounter occur, out children will have the ability to better defend themselves and remain safe after completing our program.

Parents must understand that many factors may determine whether out children are successful in defending themselves. Factors such as the age and number of bullies, whether they are armed, their size, strength, maturity level, quickness, athleticism, and their ability to execute a plan can determine an outcome in a defensive action situation. A child having the knowledge to defend himself or herself would only be a benefit rather than a hindrance in the confidence and success of that child.

Children will be exposed to a plethora of training techniques within the Children's Anti-Bullying Program. To learn more about this program, please feel free to view the training plan.
Anti-Bullying Class Subjects


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At Joe Grasso Elite Training, we regard fitness as a lifestyle, customizing each client's workout regiment toward a results-driven goal. Training under the tutelage of Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Joe Grasso, you will quickly experience your desire for FAT LOSS, DEFINED MUSCLE, and INCREASED ENERGY & PERFORMANCE.

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